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What for superlong-term weather forecasts are necessary?

Food and economic crisis on the planet is the reality of today. The сost of foodstuff constantly grows, the shortage of products increases. The investment of means in food sector of economy becomes perspective international business. The increase of agricultural crops productivity by 20-30% for the account of industrial losses decrease is possible to achieve applying qualitative weather forecasts for the whole production cycle, that is from the moment of grain crops sowing up to the harvesting termination.

The qualitatively new method of long-term weather forecasting for 6 months was developed and throughout several years has been  tested by a group of researchers under my management. 
The method has shown  high efficiency that allows to carry out superlong-term weather forecasts with reliability up to 80%. It is a very good indicator. 
You can refer to the information about our long-term weather forecasts here.(
According  to the  world statistics, world grain crops producing countries annually lose from 12% to 18% of  cereal crop because of the absence of  reliable   weather forecasts for  the whole  
ripening and harvesting period.

In money's worth ,it means annual loss-
 Russia - from 1 800 000 000 to 2 700 000 000 US dollars
 Kazakhstan - from 300 000 000 to 430 000 000 US dollars
 Belarus - from 190 000 000 to 290 000 000 US dollars
 For Canada, the USA, China, India, Australia and Argentina these losses will be the same.
In the conditions of the financial crisis these are notable losses for the budget of any country.
Assistance in the reducing of these annual losses in the budget - is a good business.
I'm interested in partners with good international contacts and sufficient financial base.

Sergey Kolesnikov. 




Sergey Borisovich Kolesnikov

Was born in 1952.
Education -   a liaison officer,  an engineer.
Since 1991 has been professionally engaged in the theory of ethnogenes, ethnopsychology, astrophysics. 
The author of the theory "Supernew stars and ethnogenes", theories about the influence of radiation of supernew stars on  the processes of origin and development of ethnoses. 
Has developed and introduced in practice a new method of superlong-term  weather  forecast. The sphere of interests includes psychology, archeoastronomy, astrology, meteorology.


Scientific works:

1. "Supernew stars and ethnogenes" - 2003.
2. "Supernew stars and the climate of the Earth " - 2004.
3. " The age of the Crablike Nebula"- 2005.4. "Slovo o polku Igoreve (a patriotic poem of ancient Russia , the 12th century)- the exact date of the event" - 2006.


Publications of Kolesnikov's researches:


1. "Astronomy- "proof-reader" of history" - " Kazakhstanskaya pravda" on July, 1st, 2006
2. "Terrestrial memory of distant stars" - " Zvezda Priirtyshya" on February, 2nd, 2006
3. "Whether  space is so far?" - "" on January, 13th,2006
4. "The formula of the Person" -  "" on November, 3rd, 2005
5. " Crab-like Nebula has become younger" - " Kazakhstanskaya pravda" on October, 23rd, 2005
6. "An amendment to astronomy" - " Kazakhstanskaya pravda" on October, 6th, 2005
7. "The history is corrected by Space" - " Kazakhstanskaya pravda" on January, 1st, 2005
8. "Dry summer, rainy autumn" - " Kazakhstanskaya pravda" on June, 3rd, 2004
9. "The future is determined  by stars" - " Kazakhstanskaya pravda" on January, 7th, 2004
10. "A schedule for weather?"  -  " Kasakhstanskaya pravda" on May, 8th, 2001
11. " Rains started as forecasted" - " Kazakhstanskaya pravda" on October, 5th, 2001
12. "Supernew stars' secrets" - " Kazakhstanskaya pravda" on November, 23rd, 2000
13. "Astrophysical aspect of astrology" - Magazine of Academy of World Astrology  3 for 2001, Moscow
14. The national scientific and information  center of  Kazakhstan - July, 2006



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