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Superlong-term weather forecasts. New meteorology.


Are weather forecasts for half a year and even for a year possible?

Such weather forecasts are not only possible but were really made by. Mr. Kolesnikov and showed rather high reliability. The facts of authentic superlong-

term weather forecasts are given below.



2001 год.

In 2001 the central newspaper of Kazakhstan published Mr Kolesnikov's superlong-term weather forecast for the summer and autumn of 2001.

And you can read a copy of this publication. Ђ Kazakhstanskaya pravdaї on May, 8th, 2001.

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In October of the same year in the same newspaper there was an article according to the results of Mr. Kolesnikov's weather forecast.

The forecast appeared true . Rains started as forecasted. Ђ Kazakhstanskaya pravdaї on October, 5th, 2001.

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2004 год.

In 2004 the weather forecast for the summer and autumn of 2004 from Mr. Kolesnikov was published .

The reliability of the forecast was high. Ђ Kazakhstanskaya pravdaї on June, 3rd, 2004.

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About hot and droughty summer of 2004 in the north of Kazakhstan the newspapers wrote.

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Mr. Kolesnikov tested his method of superlong-term weather forecasts on retroforecast for the depth of thirty years.

The important meteorological parameter was predicted .

It is called the first average daily temperature transition through zero degrees in autumn. Actually it was winter beginning forecasting.

The possibility of superlong-term weather forecasts was confirmed.

The certificate checking of Mr. Kolesnikov's method was signed by the experts the centre of hydrometeorology.


The world science is unable to make such forecasts!!!



The bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Volume 71 є 3 page 210 - 232, 2001.

The bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences informs about impossibility to predict weather for more than three weeks.




Mr. Kolesnikov's superlong-term weather forecasts for six months and more bespeak Edward Lorentz to be mistaken.

Possibility of qualitative weather forecasting for years was proved in practice.


As Mr. Kolesnikov says - Ђ≈verybody wants to see the future, but it is not given to everyoneї.




"According to the world statistics, world grain crops producing countries annually lose from 12% to 18% of cereal crop because of the absence of reliable weather forecasts for the whole ripening and harvesting period.

In moneyТs worth ,it means annual loss-

Russia Ц from 1 800 000 000 to 2 700 000 000 US dollars

Kazakhstan Ц from 300 000 000 to 430 000 000 US dollars

Belarus Ц from 190 000 000 to 290 000 000 US dollars For Canada, the USA,

China, India, Australia and Argentina these losses will be the same.

In the conditions of the financial crisis these are notable losses for the budget of any country. Assistance in the reducing of these annual losses in the budget Ц is a good business."



IТm interested in partners with good international contacts and sufficient financial base.







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